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Here you will find the answers to some of the most common questions asked of our satisfied customers. As new questions come arise, we may update this section.

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How can I tell if my toilet is leaking?
Try putting a few drops of food coloring in the tank to detect a leak from the tank into the bowl. After waiting a few minutes, the color will begin to appear in the bowl if a leak exists. If this happens, call for service.
Why does it sometimes take several flushes to flush waste down?
Due to water restriction measures, most modern toilets are designed to consume 1.6 gallons per flush. If this is a problem in your household, you may want to consider air assist toilets. These toilets use a bladder placed inside the tank, which draws water from the main system and mixes air and water at a high pressure to flush the waste through the bowl. Please remember to use the services of a licensed plumbing contractor to install these fixtures.
What is that rumbling sound coming from my water heater?
These rumbling sounds usually indicate that sediment has built up on the bottom of your water heater. The sound you hear is boiling water trapped in the sediment. You should try draining a small amount of water off the bottom of the tank. This method works best if you attach a hose to the valve at the bottom of the tank. Five minutes should be adequate to remove the majority of the sediment. If you are unsure of how to perform this technique, please contact a plumbing contractor.

Why does water come into the sink when the dishwasher drains?
As this is an unusual occurrence, you might have a partial grease blockage in your kitchen sink drain. Dishwashers are normally piped either to plumbing under your kitchen sink or directly into the drain waste line behind the wall. Grease particles from dishes can collect in this drain waste line, causing it to drain slowly. A plumbing contractor can hydrojet the drain; periodic enzyme treatments will usually prevent this problem from recurring.
How do I find out why my sewer keeps clogging?
A well-trained plumbing contractor can clean the sewer and then inspect the piping with special video equipment. With this equipment, the cause usually becomes fairly evident. Some of the more common causes of clogged sewers include broken piping or joints, root invasion, or even problems with the slope of the pipe. Once the problem is identified, a good plumbing contractor can complete this repair.
What type of water pipe is best?
Copper water piping is generally considered to be the superior material in the long run. Over time, plastic piping usually becomes brittle. Due to the drying time of glues, repairs of plastic piping take longer to test and complete. Repairs to copper piping can be soldered and immediately tested. With copper, there is a more definite sense that the plumbing job or repair is getting done right.


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